Charleston Open - Early Rounds Package

Sunday, Apr 2 - Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023

Charleston, SC

From $1950

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  • Premium courtside seating
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Sunday, April 2nd - Welcome to Charleston!

On your first day, you'll arrive at your hotel. Get settled and ready for an exciting couple days of tennis!

Monday - Tuesday, April 3-4: Experience the Charleston Open

Over the next few days, you'll enjoy two days of early round action. Although you'll have amazing reserved seats on the main stadium, you'll also have first-come, first-serve access to the outer courts. There is so much tennis to watch on the grounds over the course of the first few days and you'll be there for all of it!

This travel package includes Courtside seats on:
Monday, April 3rd, Day & Evening Sessions - First Rounds
Tuesday, April 4th, Day & Evening Sessions - First & Second Rounds

Wednesday, April 5th: Time to head home

It's time to check out and start your journey home or to your next destination. If you have time, grab some authntic southern cuisine before your flight or take a stroll in vibrant downtown Charleston.

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